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HiBlock Co-founder, Aarif Kuang, Shares Insights at IFIC Hong Kong Summit

Hong Kong, 10 May — Aarif Kuang, co-founder of HiBlock, a leading demand-driven alliance focused on the blockchain industry, was honored to be invited as a speaker to discuss the topic of How the Family Office and Institutions Layout WEB3 Track at the IFIC Hong Kong Summit. The event took place on May 10 at the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park and gathered industry experts and professionals from various fields to discuss the latest trends and developments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

During the roundtable, Aarif Kuang shared his valuable insights on a range of topics, including the 2023 Cryptographic Investment and Financing Strategic Plan and Track Preferences. He discussed the potential impact of policies in different countries, particularly Hong Kong, on the encryption industry. Additionally, he shared investment strategies for navigating the bull and bear market cycles. Moreover, Aarif Kuang provided valuable suggestions and advice for crypto asset entrepreneurs, highlighting the opportunities and challenges in the industry.

Speaking about the summit, Aarif Kuang expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to share his expertise and engage in insightful discussions with industry peers. He stated, “Participating in the IFIC Hong Kong Summit was an enriching experience. It was a privilege to contribute to the dialogue surrounding cryptographic investment and financing strategies, as well as provide guidance to crypto asset entrepreneurs. The event showcased Hong Kong’s virtual asset ecosystem and its position as a global hub for innovation.”

HiBlock is dedicated to connecting high-quality participants in the blockchain industry with the right resources, including startups, investors and service providers to support their growth journey. With their expertise in blockchain solutions and strategic insights, HiBlock continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the industry.

Special Guests | Gathering The Industrial “Super Brains”

This IFIC Hong Kong Summit has also became a gathering of blockchain industry leaders and upstarts.

About HiBlock Alliance(HiBA)

HiBA is a demand-driven alliance focused on the blockchain industry. We encourage startups, investors, and partners to upload their profiles for information sharing, sorting, and partner matching. By connecting with a broader network of Investors, Exchanges, Launchpads, Auditors, Market Makers, Ecosystems, Media, Communities, Corporate partners, KOLs and more value-added market participants, we help entrepreneurs and their businesses build their moats in a multi-dimensional, full-cycle manner.


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