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An Interview With Shagun Karki at ETHBarcelona | HiBlock

HiBlock is honored to orchestrate an absolutely amazing interview with Shagun Karki at ETHBarcelona (from July 5 to 7). Shagun Karki is the Public Relations Manager at ETHBarcelona. She is also a former e27 Journalist and has launched makeraves, a Southeast Asia-focused PR agency that works with Web3, crypto and emerging tech businesses across the region.

Shagun’s expertise in the fields of Web3, crypto, and blockchain technologies provided invaluable insights to us. Her dedication to promoting innovation, driving social change, and fostering development of industry is truly inspiring. We are grateful for the opportunity to shed light on her endeavors and share her vision with our community.

We greatly appreciate the time and effort she dedicated to sharing her experiences, aspirations, and achievements. Her passion for empowering individuals and building a more inclusive and decentralized future is evident in her work.

Let's listen to what she says about ETHBarcelona and more!

About ETHBarcelona

ETHBarcelona is a community-led passion project about the Ethereum blockchain, cryptocurrency and decentralization that celebrates the community and its values. It focuses on education, innovation, art, and creating positive social impact.The goal is to give people the tools they need to further their knowledge in blockchain technology, as well as learn how to build projects that can make an impact on society.

About HiBlock

HiBlock is a dynamic platform that combines accelerator, alliance, and investment opportunities in the blockchain industry. Our comprehensive ecosystem supports startups through an accelerator program, demo day events, guilds and mentorship. By connecting with a broader network of Investors, Exchanges, Launchpads, Auditors, Market Makers, Ecosystems, Media, Communities, Corporate partners, KOLs and more value-added market participants, we help entrepreneurs and their businesses build their moats in a multi-dimensional, full-cycle manner.


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